1/3 will buy a property with JKW

This article from Reading Chronicle provides some statistics on the research conducted by Environet and YouGov. It seems that despite all the negative media coverage on Japanese knotweed and the damage it can cause, it hasn’t deterred a third of those looking to buy in the UK. This is a promising statistic, as Japanese knotweed is thought to affect 5% of all properties in the UK. The article also describes how Simon Harper from Reading bought a property with a large infestation, agreed a lower purchase price and commissioned an excavation and a root barrier to prevent the plant encroaching from next door. What sort of discount are people after, you may ask? Well, out of those who would proceed at a reduced rate, 26% would expect a discount of 6 – 10 per cent on the price, while 15% would proceed with a discount of only 1 – 5 per cent. Click here to read more.