16-Feb-18 CADS Housing Surveys seek surveyors

CADS Housing Surveys are recruiting a handful of surveyors to work on the English Housing Survey (EHS). This is a rare opportunity to join the team of surveyors that work on this prestigious Government Housing Research project, with recruitment only taking place every 2-3 years. The research involves surveying 6200 dwellings a year with a team of 150 sub contracted surveyors. Due to the nature of the survey, recruitment does need to be reasonably specific geographically, and this year CADS are looking to recruit a surveyor to cover each of the following areas:


1.            West London, Ealing/Hammersmith & Fulham

2.            East London, Tower Hamlets/Newham

3.            South East London, Southwark/Lewisham

4.            Derby/Leicester

5.            Cambridgeshire

6.            Sheffield/Derby Notts

7.            Shropshire/Birmingham

8.            Lincolnshire

9.            Notts/Lincs/South Yorks

10.         Reading/South Oxfordshire


Please note surveyors would need to be available to attend a residential briefing at Warwick University from Tuesday 13th March – Sunday 18th March.


For further details please download the information sheet: