A new record for renewables

There has been record breaking news in the energy sector recently. The third quarter of 2019 saw electricity generated from UK windfarms, solar panels, biomass and hydro plants rise to 40% of the total electricity used across the UK. This amount was 1% higher than the 39% that fossil fuels made up, making it the first time renewable energy has overpowered the combined output from coal, oil and gas power stations for electricity generation. The remainder of the total was mainly generated by nuclear energy at 19%. Carbon Brief describe it as ‘another symbolic milestone in the stunning transformation of the UK’s electricity system over the past decade.’

Austin Baggett, Managing Director at Sava, says:
 This is a staggering achievement, that gives optimism for the future. Back in the early 90s, the CO₂ factor for electricity was 0.832kg of CO₂ per kWh. It’s now something like 0.23kg per kWh due to the move away from coal and of course the massive input from renewables which is a massive reduction. With the right Government incentives and the best engineering, it can be done. That said, it did take 30 years, and we now need to drastically speed up.”

It's interesting to see the graph showing renewables and fossil fuels just begin to cross over and it visually emphasises the steady reduction in fossil fuels over recent years and the slightly more gradual increase in renewable electricity. 

Source: Carbon Brief

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