A trip back in time to 1997...

We recently came across this article and if you didn’t know that it was dated 6 December 1997, you may think you were reading a recent article, albeit with a few changes around some of the legal aspects.

It states 80% of people do not have a full survey carried out when buying a house, we know this figure is still generally the same, with around 20% of home-buyers commissioning a survey.

It’s a shame that there was, and still is, some negative attitudes towards surveys because they can be a very useful bargaining tool and the testimonials we have seen speak for themselves.

Maybe, as the article suggests, some people do not like hearing about faults with the house they have set their heart on. Or perhaps some expect too much from the survey? It is non-invasive because at the time the inspection is undertaken, the property still belongs to the seller, so there are limitations as to what can be seen and identified within the remit of a non-intrusive survey.

It’s certainly an interesting read and it made us think about what else happened ‘97, so here’s a few reminders…

-    The film Titanic was released
-    The first Harry Potter book was published
-    Labour ended 18 years of Tory rule
-    The Teletubbies were ‘unleashed’
-    The UK won the Eurovision for the last time
-    Microsoft became the world’s most valuable company valued at $261 billion dollars
-    NASA Pathfinder lands on Mars