Apr-18 Technical Bulletin 28

 - The Abuse of Leasehold Interests

 - Pitched Fibre Drains Part 2

 - Valuing Development Sites - Lessons Learned

Welcome to the latest issue of the 'Technical Bulletin for Residential Surveyors', published jointly by Sava and BlueBox partners.
This bulletin aims to bring you quality technical information that will help you in your day to day work.

The Abuse of Leasehold Interests

What should a valuer consider?

Leasehold remains the number one concern for homeowners in the UK. Recent research by DAC Beachcroft (international firm of lawyers specialising in advising the insurance industry) summarised the government’s thinking on leasehold interests following their recent consultation...

Grounds Rents: The Calm before the Storm?

Looking at the future of ground rents

The topic of ground rents has had a huge amount of attention over the last 12 months, culminating in the government’s consultation paper on leasehold reform launched in July 2017. Reports of block notifications abound across the property professional sector, but are these likely to produce large scale exposures for professionals and their PI (professional indemnity) insurers?

Pitched Fibre Drains (part 2)

How and when to report RICSs pitched fibre drain products

Phil Parnham, director of BlueBox Partners, follows on from the pitch fibre drain article in Issue 27 of the Technical Bulletin with this feature focusing on how the same issues should be reported in RICS’s Home Survey products...

Valuing Development sites: Lessons Learned

In 2017, a claim was heard for a breach of professional negligence by CBRE Ltd on a development site for mortgage valuation purposes undertaken for the Dunfermline Building Society back in 2007. This is the sort of valuation only undertaken by firms with significant cover through professional indemnity insurance, but there are a few points from the case worth considering...

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