Are new-build homes fire safe?

A recent article from the BBC explains that an investigation has found homes from well-known developers Persimmon Homes and Bellway Homes to have ‘potentially dangerous fire safety issues’.  A resident at one Persimmon Home Development in Exeter talks of a fire that started at ground level which spread up to the roof of the house and then to adjacent properties. It was this fire that triggered an inspection programme which found 650 homes in the South West region lacked correct fire barriers and subsequently, further inspections outside of the South West are being made and the company assure us that "if these inspections indicate that we need to inspect every timber frame property then we will do so."

Bellway Homes have also faced similar issues where inspections following a fire indicate that there are fire safety issues. The article quotes surveyor and expert witness Greig Adams who carried out checks: “What we've unfortunately found is that there are fire breach issues in every house we've looked at. It's a legal requirement that the cavity barriers are to be there. It's not optional- and with good reason: it saves lives". Click here to read the full story.