Bank of England Statistics Q3 2019

Statistics recently published by the Bank of England in their ‘Mortgage Lenders and Administrators Statistics 2019 Q3’, draws information from around 340 administrators and regulated mortgage lenders. It shows that in the residential mortgage market, there is a total outstanding value of £1.486 billion which is nearly 4% higher than the previous year. Gross mortgage advances for Q3 was quite similar to the previous year at £73.3 billion. The proportion of mortgages exceeding 90% loan to value went up to 5.9%, its highest level since the same quarter in 2008. However, the value of mortgages with arrears dropped considerably to £13.7 billion and is 0.92% of all outstanding mortgages being at its lowest level since 2007. Figures show that interest rates have remained low with the vast majority of products at less than 2% above Bank Rate. Gross advances by multiple income remained mostly unchanged and in line with Q3 2018. The share of the mortgage market was split between buy-to-let advances at 12.3% and to owner occupiers at 87.7%. The Bank of England’s key findings can be downloaded here.