Building industry responds to proposed planning reform

The government recently opened the consultation 'Planning for the Future’ in which Robert Jenrick highlights that whilst many people have enjoyed time at home due to COVID-19, for others, it has brought to the forefront of their minds that their home may be sub-standard, doesn’t meet their needs or that the local infrastructure or outdoor space is inadequate. The government is keen to emphasise the proposal is intended to cut red tape and not standards, as well as bring the planning system into the 21st century.

The building industry welcomes the proposal acknowledging reform is long overdue and appear optimistic this could lead to a more efficient approach to meeting England’s housing needs. Melanie Leach of the British Property Federation cautions against bottlenecking the system at the front end and comments that the English planning system has seen spending cuts of over 50% over the last 10 years, whereas in the same period housing targets have increased by 50%. Read more here.