CLC launches programme to work towards net-zero

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has launched the programme CO2nstruct Zero in which they aim to play a collaborative role across the industry to drive carbon out of all parts of the construction sector. In recognising a need for significant change, the CLC believes the industry must work more effectively together. The key elements of this programme include:

  • Consolidation of current industry efforts into a single programme and plan of action to deliver against the CO2nstruct Zero priorities.
  • Setting out clear and ambitious targets to demonstrate that the sector is making the right progress.
  • Championing the policy change needed from the Government.
  • Signpost people across the industry towards the action they can take.

The CLC acknowledges how well the industry worked together during the pandemic and wants to use this momentum to start tackling climate issues. They will be publishing performance data each quarter which will be available to both government and the public. Andy Mitchell, CLC Co-chair said, “… we have a responsibility to the people who work on our projects and to those who use our buildings and infrastructure to find a better way to build…"

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