Climate change & ground stability

All surveyors need to be aware of how different types of soil behave in extreme wet or dry weather, how nearby trees affect the soil as well as the potential to cause damage in buildings and drainage systems. It is also important to know about other issues specific to your local area, for example; coastal erosion, flooding or a history of mining. More recently there was the story about the Whaley Bridge dam that suffered a partial collapse due to high levels of rainfall and resulted in an evacuation of residents whose lives and homes would be at risk if the dam completely failed. So, the surveyor must have a good knowledge and awareness of these types of local risks and report as appropriate to their customer. Climate change has been quite topical for some time now and whatever your opinion, it is at least being reported and discussed. You can read more about this in the article ‘Unforeseen Effects of Climate Change of Ground Stability’ here.