Could bamboo be the next JKW?

Whilst there are currently no restrictions on planting bamboo, there are more and more disputes over it encroaching onto a neighbour’s property and causing damage in doing so. Solicitor Mark Montaldo who handles legal claims of this nature says that “Due to the increase in nuisance claims it is something that the mortgage companies are closely looking at and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them imposing lending restrictions on properties that suffer with bamboo infestations.”  

This article explains how the different varieties of bamboo can be classed as either running bamboo or clumping bamboo. Running bamboo is the worst offender as rhizomes can grow up to 30ft from the main plant causing new shoots to pop up some distance away. Clumping bamboo, although preferable, can still be problematic if not maintained adequately.

Advice from the experts Environet is to only plant bamboo in containers with root barriers designed to contain bamboo and avoid it spreading. Environet’s advice to estate agents and surveyors is to look out for signs of the plant growing out of control and alert potential buyers to the problem, which usually requires professional excavation.
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