Crumbling mortar in new homes!

You may have seen in the news recently that hundreds of new build properties have been built with weak mortar, causing the mortar to crumble and expose the cavity and insulation. A recent BBC story (here), describes how one homeowners’ mortar was tested and it was found that the amount of sand was almost three times higher than recommended. It isn’t clear why weaker mortar has been used, and the non-disclosure agreement is making it difficult for the media to understand the full picture. To get a better idea, we found an article from New Home Blog (here) which looks at the NHBC warranty, standards and responses to complaints of crumbling mortar.   

It prompted us to research a little more about similar issues with brickwork. We found an interesting article on from November 2016 where David Wilson site was inspected and found to have ‘the worst brickwork we’ve ever seen’. The article (here) includes some great photos to illustrate the type of defects found such as poor setting out, failed mortar bed joints, inconsistent width and depth of mortar joints and out of plumb walls.

It's quite an interesting topic. Have you found any similar issues whilst inspecting property?

Photo source: BBC