Dec-19 Technical Bulletin 33

  • The insurance market
  • When is a complaint a notice of claim?
  • Know who your client really is
  • Cast iron houses
  • Carbon monoxide
  • SAP 10 - Changes to lighting
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    The Insurance Market
    In this article, Natalie Deacon from Howden Group explains the factors causing insurers to leave the PII sector and gives advice on how best to approach your renewal to get the best possible terms.
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    When is a complaint a notice of claim?
    Kim Allcott from Allcott Associates shares a story about facing a 6-figure claim without an insurer willing to provide cover. It is hoped that by sharing this cautionary tale, others will not experience the same predicament.
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    Know who your client really is
    This case study warns surveyors to know who your client really is after a surveyor received a claim by a different person to who commissioned the survey originally and includes points to consider if you are carrying out a service to someone known to you.
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    Cast Iron Houses
    Ian Bullock, Managing Director of Carpenter Surveyors, takes a closer look at the cast iron house type built in the mid to late 20s following World War 1 and includes considerations for the surveyor reporting on this type of building in the 21st century.  
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    Carbon Monoxide
    Following Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week in November, this article looks at the dangers of carbon monoxide, the appliances that could pose a risk and the relevant building regulations.
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    SAP 10 - Changes to lighting
    Following our previous two articles looking at changes to SAP 10, this article looks at the lighting changes to SAP 10 in comparison to SAP 2012.
    Do you know which of these is the most energy efficient?

1.  Incandescent

2. Halogen

3. Halogen low voltage


5. Linear fluorescent

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