Details on Green Homes Grant Scheme

In July, we reported on the announcement from Chancellor Rishi Sunnak about the Green Homes Grant Scheme intended to cover up to £5,000 per household for energy improvements to the home. At the time, further details of the measures and eligibility for the scheme were yet to be published. The government has now released guidance explaining that measures will fall into one of two categories: ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’. Before any secondary measures are installed, the home must have had one of the primary improvements completed using the voucher. Funding for any secondary improvements will be capped at the same amount the household received for the primary measure. Vouchers can be applied for from the end of September and improvements must be completed by 31 March 2021. Aiming to improve over 600,000 homes across England, the government suggests each household could cut energy bills by around £200 and reduce CO2 emissions by 700kg annually. Primary measures include improvements such as wall, floor and loft insulation and low carbon heating. Secondary improvements include draught proofing and upgrading windows, doors and heating controls. HomeOwners Alliance has summarised the details here.