Developers avoid cladding rules

Following the regulations introduced in December 2018, the use of combustible cladding was banned on all buildings 18m tall or more. However, it appears that some builders are avoiding the restrictions by building just below 18m according to Chandru Dissanayeke, director of building safety at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

He said “Experts who say there’s a difference between 17.95m and 18m are being dishonest to themselves” adding “We need industry to step up and provide leadership. There are parts of the industry which know about the risks and are closing their eyes and that’s disgraceful.”

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Following the tragedy of Grenfell, government has taken steps to set up a safety regulator in accordance with their building safety programme. On 20th January, a press release announced a new regime in order to ensure effective oversight of the design, construction and occupation of high-risk buildings. A new regulator will be at the heart of a new regime and will be established as part of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). 

The plan is that the HSE will quickly begin to establish the new regulator in shadow form immediately, ahead of it being fully established, following legislation. The intention is to raise building safety and performance standards, including overseeing a new, more stringent regime for higher-risk buildings.

Dame Judith Hackitt will chair a Board to oversee the transition. Read more here.