Do you need to send that email?

Research commissioned by OVO Energy has shown that 'unnecessary' emails contribute over 23,475 tonnes of carbon to the UK's footprint.  These are the carbon footprints of different emails (from the book by Mike Burners-Lee: How Band are Bananas?: The Carbon Footprint of Everything):

Average spam email: 0.3g CO2

Standard email: 4g CO2

Email with 'long and tiresome attachments': 50g CO2

Mike Burners-Lee explained "When you press send it goes through the network, and it takes electricity to run the network. And it’s going to end up being stored on the cloud somewhere, and those data centres use a lot of electricity. We don’t think about it because we can’t see the smoke coming out of our computers, but the carbon footprint of IT is huge and growing."

We all need email communication, but do we really need to send that 'one liner'? OVO Energy is calling on the UK to 'Think before you Thank', if we all sent one less email per day, we would save 16,433 tonnes of carbon a year.

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