Environment Bill 2020

The government published its Environment Bill 2020 detailing a governance framework for a range of environmental matters. Intending to protect and improve the UK’s natural environment, the bill will have a far-reaching legislative impact on the issues it aims to address, including domestic solid fuel burning, flood and coastal erosion and ensuring developers enhance natural spaces for communities. Targets will be issues in four key areas:

  • Air quality
  • Water
  • Nature
  • Waste and resource efficiency

These targets along with Environment Improvement Plans will be reviewed every five years. Policy-makers will be legally obliged to consider policies that cause the least environmental harm and that any damage caused  to the environment must be rectifed. Upon leaving the EU, the government is ensuring we continue to deal with climate change by bringing all associated legislation within the Office for Environmental Protection and enforcement will fall within their remit. You can find the report here.