EWS1 form not required if no cladding

The government published a press release on Saturday explaining they have stepped in to help those caught up in the EWS1 form process. Many people were in limbo and unable to sell their property due to the requirements to have a form and long delays in obtaining one due to a shortage of trained assessors. The government, RICS, UK Finance, and the Building Societies Association have agreed that the form is not required on buildings that do not have cladding. Around 450,000 people will potentially benefit from this and be able to progress with selling or re-mortgaging their property. 

Also, almost £700,000 of funding will be provided to train more industry professionals to carry out the EWS1 assessment. RICS CEO, Sean Tompkins said "...we recognise the acute market shortage of fire engineers to carry out EWS1 assessments and welcome the Government’s support on working with us to upskill other regulated professions, such as Chartered Building Surveyors, to create additional capacity in the market." 

The government will also explore ways to address the concerns on the availability of professional indemnity insurance. 

Read the press release here.