Further blocks found to have unsafe cladding

Experts state that more than 100 more tower blocks still have unsafe combustible cladding when they were previously believed to be safe. The cladding on the new blocks is high-pressure laminate (HPL)  which can be made of wood and paper and experts, including chair of the National Fire Chiefs Council, said that following fire tests it had become clear that many HPL panels were “very unlikely to adequately resist the spread of fire”.

The average cost for replacing each household being at least £20,000 and this article from futurebuild suggests there is no sign the government is planning a bailout meaning there will be new rows over who pays the bill. However, in May the government released a press release saying they will fund and speed up vital cladding replacement for 170 privately owned high-rise buildings with a £200 million fund. So perhaps they will take a similar approach with the newly discovered blocks with unsafe cladding? Read more here.