Gable wall collapse

The gable wall of an end terrace house in Rugby has completely collapsed. Having read several articles on the matter, we understand that there were building works underway on a neighbouring property and on Tuesday afternoon, prior to the whole gable wall collapsing, part of the rear wall had collapsed (photo A below). The area was subsequently cordoned off and thankfully no-one was hurt. It was at 2am on Wednesday morning when the entire gable wall collapsed, revealing the interior from the outside street below (photo B).  
Photo A 

Photo B |Credit: BPM Media

You can read more on the story here.
It seems there has been a few instances like this. This story from The Standard reports that a house in Hamstead collapsed from roof to basement in 2018. It was understood to be undergoing renovations also.

 Read this story about a £1 million house which collapsed during works to add a basement. Although it hasn't deterred the owner who is attempting to build the house again after knocking it down completely following the collapse.

The trend in these catastrophes certainly seems to be homes undergoing renovations, or at least next door to homes undergoing renovations. It's reported that the tenant of the  collapse from Tuesday said no one is accepting liability and that their landlord is "confused what is covered by his building insurance and the contractor doesn't want to accept liability". We can imagine the situation is very stressful for the tenants and landlord, it's not something you would expect to happen at all. We will be interested to find out more about the cause once the investigations have been carried out.