Good news for zero-hour workers

Here's some good news for the 2 million people who work zero-hour contracts. We're all aware of the difficulty in getting on the property ladder and how hard it is to save the large deposit required. Then, even if you do manage to scrape together a big enough deposit, there is the other lending criteria you need to meet in order to get a mortgage, such as credit checks, evidence of ability to pay and continuous employment. For the vast majority, a job for life doesn’t come along very often and that means many have numerous jobs in short periods of time which might hinder their chances of getting a mortgage. For those working on zero-hour contracts out of necessity or the need for flexibility it can be even harder. However, HSBC - one of the major lenders - has made some rule changes to open up opportunities for workers on zero-hour contracts to get a mortgage. Read more about these changes here.