Gov't announces review to improve self-builds

The government are currently reviewing the results from the Planning for the Future consultation, published in August this year. Its focus was on design, sustainability and the availability of suitable land for development in England. On the back of this, the government announced a further review on ‘Right to Build’ day (30 October each year) which is when local councils should have granted enough planning permissions for self-build properties to meet demand. This review intends to find ways to improve the process for people wishing to build their own home. Whilst self-builds have increased in number by 50% in the last couple of years, it equates to 15,000 per year, and government plans to increase this, offering more support for the industry, said to be worth around £4.5 billion. CEO of the National Custom & Self Build Association, Andrew Baddeley-Chappell, said: “England has the lowest known rate of self-commissioned homes in the developed world. Our new homes market is crying out for the greener and higher quality build that goes hand-in-hand with more consumer choice. Housing diversification is key to the government’s housing strategy. 

“This excellent announcement today by the government should help many more people achieve the dream of living in better and more beautiful homes.” 

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