Green Homes Report: What buyers want

This article from Unlock Net Zero explains that research by Shakespeare Martineau has found more than three-quarters (77%) of people in the housing market are likely to choose a green home for their next purchase. Shakespeare Martineau questioned more than 500 buyers (including first-time buyers) about their reasons for wanting a green home; the responses included "it's better for the environment" (39%), it will "save me money in the long run" (27%) and "I want to reduce my energy bills" (35%). What is also interesting is the responses about education, where 1 in 3 respondents who wanted a green home said they wanted to understand more about how it would benefit them in the future. Of those who were undecided on whether to opt for a green home or not, 72% said they didn’t know enough about it, suggesting there is an education gap on the benefits of energy-efficient homes. You can enter your details to be emailed a copy of the full report here.