How can tech help solve housing crisis?

Anyone who has looked at the price trends and house price indices published over time will know that London continues to be the most expensive city in Britain to buy a house. Indeed, areas just outside the capital also come with their own lofty price tag. According to Zoopla, the average house price in London stands at £657,154 as of December 2019. With average deposits ranging from 5% to 20% it can render both the deposit and the remaining mortgage payments unaffordable for most people. It was therefore interesting to find that technology is being used to scour areas on the outskirts of London, using data mapping and analysis of 500 datasets to identify land and then work with developers to build affordable homes. The data used includes commuting patterns, migration trends and house prices - one such company is District 34. To find out what Jenny Sargeant, Partner at Fladgate LLP had to say on the subject click here.