How much does one square metre cost in your area?

We are used to comparing house prices across the regions of the UK, but with different average house sizes, is the price per m2 a better comparison?

Looking at house sizes across Europe and the US we can see that, not unsurprisingly, the US has the largest average house size, but what about the differences across the UK? 

The data from the Office of National Statistics  shows there is quite a variation. As expected London is the highest at  around £20K per m2 with parts of Wales less than £1K per m2, the average for the UK sits at £2,395 per m2. The data also shows that new flats in England and Wales have increased in size by 18% over the last 3 years, while new houses have remained the same size.

You can check the price per m2 in your area using the data here, there is a also a handy extension calculator, where you can see how much that new extension might be worth.