Landlord interest in 'green mortgages'

Surveys suggest that landlords' attitudes are changing when it comes to 'green mortgages'. This article said that a survey conducted in March by Mortgages for Business found that three in 5 (62% of the 300 surveyed) were interested in products that offer a lower rate for making their properties more energy efficient. Rewind twenty years and this statistic sat at just one in 10, and before 2000, Mortgages for Business said that no landlords were interested in green mortgages.

Jeni Browne, director of Mortgage to Business said: “Landlords’ attitudes have changed dramatically, particularly in the last decade. Landlords should be interested in these products though - quite apart from the ethical considerations, green mortgages reward landlords with a lower rate when they shrink their carbon footprint.”

More lenders are beginning to offer green mortgage products. The article touches on the new products that were recently launched by Keystone Property Finance (more on that here), and The Mortgage Works - Nationwide's specialist BLT arm. Read more here...