LHCs key to solving housing crisis

It won’t come as a surprise to say there is a housing crisis in this country and everyone is aware of the need to build more affordable homes to ease the pressure. According to Adam Cunningham, managing director of Public Sector plc, numbers have dropped substantially over the years. In 1953 local authorities built nearly a quarter of a million homes in one year, but by 2004 this had dropped by more than 99%. There is a sense of urgency around the need to deliver new housing and many local authorities have set up Local Housing Companies (LHC) to build new homes for private affordable rent. The benefit for the local authorities here is that these homes cannot be sold at a discounted rate under the Right to Buy scheme. Some LHCs intend to construct modular homes which are suited to fulfilling the large scale and fast turnaround requirements. Another has pledged to achieve net-zero carbon new builds by 2028. To find out more, read Adam Cunningham’s article here.