More EPC data available

The Open Communities EPC dataset has proved to be a valuable source of information about the energy efficiency of housing. This has recently been updated as previously the data only included EPCs produced up until December 2016. The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government have said:
“Just over two years ago, we published Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) data as an open dataset, along with tools for browsing, searching and downloading the data. The three datasets (Domestic, Non-domestic and Display Energy Certificates) have been well-used, and have stimulated discussion throughout the open data community, and beyond. We have now updated those datasets, so the site currently contains energy performance data up to 31 May 2019. You can access the new data at https://epc.opendatacommunities.org/

The intention is to update the data more regularly and initially, publication will be two to four times a year. To view the data, you simply need to sign up using your email address and follow the link in the email received. You can specify certain criteria and the results can be downloaded and viewed in a spreadsheet. With the additional EPC data, there are now over 18 million EPC datasets available to bulk download. Click here to register.