Mortgage lending reaches new record

Mortgage lending reached a record-breaking £35.6 billion in March of this year, the highest level since 1993 when the Bank of England records began. The number of remortgages approved in March 2021 stood at just under 35,000, whereas new mortgage approvals reached 82,700, 13% higher than the previous year. The mortgage market clearly responded to demand, with 200 products available for buyers with a 5% deposit and 500 deals for anyone with a 10% deposit. For existing homeowners, there is now a choice of over 4,000 mortgage deals to choose from, up 50% from the previous year. Yet these numbers appear to belie the fact that around 80% of mortgage applications from first-time buyers fail to get approved due to reasons such as poor credit history, insufficient deposit, not being on the electoral register, or not having a regular income. With overall product choice increasing nearly across the board, it would seem a strong property market has boosted confidence in lending.

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