National Design Code programme being tested in England

14 local councils across England have been selected to take part in a six-month testing programme to Build Back Better. The National Design Code means to give councils a toolkit of design principles to ensure developments are beautiful and fit in with the local character. The project aims to enhance the character of the local area and test how communities can have more of a say in the design, appearance, and layout of buildings. As part of the pilot programme, each of the councils taking part will receive a £50,000 grant towards the project. Anna Rose, Head of the Planning Advisory Service said: “It is really exciting to see the National Model Design Code being tested by local councils across the country. The outcomes from this first set of pilots will help to build the capacity and collective learning that we need across the sector. I am looking forward to seeing what councils can achieve with their communities by using this new code...” The press release from the government gives details of the councils taking part, read here.