RICS' recommendations for the housing market

RICS has released a new policy paper advising the government to look holistically at long-term improvements to the housing market as the harsh economic reality sets in.

Medium-term recommendations for the housing market, some of which will also help the market recover from COVID-19, include:

  • Further investment in MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) with incentives for the construction of MMC factories in areas of high unemployment.
  • Offer financial incentives and support to local authorities and housing associations to meet housing need through MMC.
  • Prioritise work around new build standards, as research has found the quality to be significantly reduced in permitted development schemes.
  • Bring all elements of planning including residential, high streets, transport and commercial into one holistic policy of placemaking.
  • Thoroughly assess Government home ownership offerings to ensure they actually achieve what was intended.
  • Implement Lord Best’s Regulation of Property Agents (RoPA) recommendations.

    Long-term recommendations include:
  • A program of consumer education on MMC to promote greener, better quality homes.
  • The introduction of Amberfield as a new land classification – creating a pipeline of ‘ready to go’ land for housing.
  • The creation of a new housing court to simplify the dispute resolution process.

Read the full press release here.