Robert Jenrick speaks at National Housing Federation Summit

The National Housing Federation Summit heard from Robert Jenrick MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government as he made his speech at their conference. With a nod to the extensive programme of building social housing in the post-war era, he hopes new programmes of building can continue in the same spirit. Commenting on how the pandemic has taught us that good quality homes are vital, he wanted attention to be paid to building communities, and in light of Grenfell, the need for safer homes. He addressed the remediation of unsafe cladding and the impact on leaseholders. Referencing a cultural shift in the relationship between landlord and tenant, he spoke about the need to focus on service delivery, saying “…When things go wrong, as they inevitably sometimes do, tenants should be able to seek redress in a reasonable time without an uphill struggle and know that they will be heard…”. In concluding the speech he identified that the provision of more affordable housing will play a part to “…level up all parts of the country and our society as our recovery finally gets underway…”. 
Read the full speech here.