Slow progress for HMLR project

As part of the governments ambitious plans to make HMLR land registry the world’s best for simplicity and speed, the LLC (Local Land Charges) Register was launched in July 2018 to hold digitised copies of local land charges to reduce costs and provide better customer service. Requiring the migration of around 26 million charges, this was a significant undertaking on the part of local authorities. Whilst some local authorities have completed the task, the overall process is taking longer than anticipated and at its current pace, will take 18 years to migrate all local authorities. The Council of Property Search Organisations (CoPSO) believes the digital system has yet to show any marked change in conducting searches and therefore migration must happen at a faster rate than it currently is. Perhaps inaccuracies in the existing records isn’t helping the pace, with 61% of almost 300,000 charges requiring amendments. Read more about this story and the press release from (CoPSO) here.