The 'Energy House'

The University of Salford have dismantled a terraced house and re-built it in the university’s School of the Built Environment. The purpose of this experiment is to look for ways to make the country’s homes greener, cheaper and warmer. The research has identified that increasing loft insulation from 100mm to 270mm can make a 5% saving, drawing the curtains across a single glazed window can save around 30% of heat normally lost, and turning down heating thermostats or unused radiators off can make a 40% saving! Lead researcher, Richard Fitton, explains that to make substantial savings it takes retrofit measures such as floor insulation, wall insulation and new windows and doors. These measures could make huge savings to the poorest households and really reduce fuel poverty as well as help our emission targets. Click here to read the article from the BBC and here to visit the university's page directly.