The magic of natural light and plants

Did you know that we spend 90% of our lives in buildings? With that in mind, Biophilia (the term used to describe our urge to affiliate with other forms of life) office designs are becoming more and more popular. This article from office designers Morgan Lovell explains that “Recent studies have found a positive impact between biophilic elements (such as the presence of plants and exposure to natural light) and employee wellbeing and productivity”. Biophilic office design can make staff less stressed and promote wellbeing at work because our bodies react positively to exposure to light from the increase in melatonin produced and plants reduce the amount of carbon dioxide from the air which makes us more alert. It is emphasised you do not need to completely overhaul your office design but you could perhaps add some office pot plants which can help, and why not keep those blinds open? We’re certainly in favour of it.