The top rated boilers by trusted engineers

It’s that time of year again when everyone cranks the heating up to get through the grey days and nights that draw in so quickly. You can also rely on the fact that if it’s going to go wrong, it’ll be on the coldest day of the year with snow and ice having snarled up traffic, and on the same day everyone else’s boiler breaks so you can’t get an engineer out to you for the next few days. If that sounds familiar to anyone, we can sympathise. Some of these incidents will require replacement boilers and it’s interesting to hear what the heating engineers have to say about the products on the market. Which? Have completed some research to get opinions from unbiased engineers about which boilers they rate, having countered any association they may have with a particular brand due to incentives. It was interesting to find out that those brands rated most reliable by the engineers had a 17% chance of developing faults within the first 6 years of installation, whereas those rated less reliable were 48% likely to experience faults. This survey included information about accessibility of spare parts and ease of repair and if you’d like to read the full story from Which? Click here.