UK Business leaders demand robust home retrofit strategy

UK business leaders have called upon the government to develop a national retrofit strategy to deal with inefficient homes as a matter of urgency, or risk failure to meet the 2050 net-zero emissions target. As the residential sector accounted for just over 20% of carbon dioxide emissions in 2020*,  the likes of Nationwide, Eon, British Gas, Legal & General’s modular homes, Midas Group and the Federation of Master Builders are pushing the government into action to dramatically reduce this. Claire Tracey, chief strategy and sustainability officer at Nationwide Building Society said the government needs to “create a national retrofitting strategy that ensures the UK’s Paris Agreement commitments can be met. Anything less and we risk not only missing our climate targets, but also missing an opportunity to achieve higher-quality housing, lower energy bills, and new green jobs for the whole of the UK.” The Green Homes Grant voucher scheme was criticised for being cancelled by the government this year and further referencing previous scrapped or revised programmes, Noble Francis, economics director of the Construction Products Association said that future schemes must have time to “build up momentum so that households have faith in the scheme and see the benefits of it”. He also added that companies in the supply chain need time “to make major investments in new capacity”. The UK business department pointed out that 40% of homes now have an EPC rating of B or C, compared to 9% just over a decade ago. Read more here.