Will we see an end to weed killer?

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in herbicides such as ‘RoundUp’, has been the subject of headlines in recent years because of claims that it has caused cancer to consumers who used products containing the ingredient. An article recently published by The Ecologist, explains the risks to consumer health, how to reduce them and the environmental impact associated to RoundUp. More than 13,400 cancer patients have filed lawsuits against the owning company Monsanto (which was acquired by Bayer AG in 2018) following a case where $78.5 million in damages was awarded to a school groundskeeper in California. The herbicide is also used on agricultural farm land and a German study found glyphosate residue can reach animals via feed and glyphosate found in animal tissue was considered “alarming”, even at low concentrations. Several countries have restricted Glyphosate and RoundUp such as Vietnam, the Czech Republic and Italy. As glyphosate is used to help control Japanese knotweed, restrictions in the UK could cause a huge imapact on the Japanese knotweed industry and those affected by Japanese knotweed in their homes. Read the article here.